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Originally Posted by michaelsevilla View Post
Lol says who! He has nuts because he takes cheeks out here for what it is. Damn man, I must admit I really wish BMW would step it up, it's the HIGHEST most sold luxury car in the world but Mercedes has really bested it in the higher trim package levels. We need something to compete with the likes of the SLS, the Cl65, the S65, the SLR, I mean damn, it's not like the damn company is broke. Mercedes really has the championship belt when it comes to power and motors. :-/
AMG has been on its game for the last few years. That 6.2...damn. But, the power and trim is not everything. MB has that going for them, but most of those high trim cars are land yachts that handle as such. BMW is a complete package that noone else has replicated. They don't need all of that power and in your face pizzazz. And, a lot of us love that.

After metting you and hearing your taste in driving style, a CL65 sounds perfect for you. And, I mean that in the nicest way possible.