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Originally Posted by Fendamonky View Post
Yeah, I drive A LOT! lol. Daily commute is about 80 miles a day (part highway, part country roads). I took her through the Dragon twice and many, many, other road trips

Honestly, if you're looking for an older mileage car due to financial reasons than I would suggest NOT to get a 70,000 mile one. Chances are you will pay significantly more money up front for the "lower" mileage bimmer and still need to do around $5,000 worth of replacement/maintenance work (if you take it to the dealership) between approx 80k and 100k.

At least that is my experience. I do my own work (which would probably scare the dealer earlier in the thread, since I don't have a documented history of being raped by BMW services) so I was able to keep my own costs down to around $2k over the past year.
I wouldn't consider 70K + the mileage that you need to be scared of. I bought my '97 M3 with 165k and I've put over 10k on it in the last year and a half and I haven't had to do a single mechanical piece of work except an oil pan gasket.

I bought my '07 335i a little over a month ago with 82k. I was fine with the "higher" mileage because of the price (it was good with all of the options I have) and it was under CPO for the last 3 weeks I owned it. The previous owner got all of their maintenance done at a BMW dealer. I have a 6MT and even the clutch is fine.

You can get good deals on early 335s with 70-80k and I think that people should definitely hop on those prices as long as they're careful and look at the service records and thoroughly inspect the car before you buy it.

EDIT: This all being said, look for cars that are running out of a CPO if you're looking for a budget buy. Most likely the work has been taken care of up to that point and you shouldn't inherit a bunch of problems