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Ok guys, first off thanks to madmanhiker! You were kinda correct. So Here is what happened. Originally I hadn't selected the correct engine. It was N54 instead of the 7)135/335 ISO. But when I uploaded the Hex file with the wrong engine selected, I didn't start the engine. I re-did it and selected Option 7. I did use the 12/14 firmware and the ISOB Hex file. I selected the correct port mine was 3. And did it over again. Does that sound like everything is right?

Aslo I didn't have to change any of the menu stuff, like lagfix and pid gain and the 3rd one i forgot what it was called. And I did disconnect my battery when cutting the diode. I disconnected the JB4 completely when doing that.

But when I do a cold start, like I said when the hood is open I can hear my turbo spooling a little like there is load on the engine, but once the RPM's go down it stops. Is this normal? I think I only notice it because my hood is open. I tried this twice.

I even drove my car last night and everything was working fine, no error messages in the dash. The car is noticeably faster than before, or at least the faster turbo spool is whats making it feel faster.
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