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quick question about drive shafts

Hey, all...

quick questions for anybody that knows....I was checking over the suspension points today from under the car (jack stands) and came across something that is probably normal..but Im not quite sure about.

the drive shafts have no play in them when shoved up or down, front to back, ect....but do have slight play side to if pushing them into and out of their "receptacles" for lack of a better word....Im thinking this is probably normal as the the suspension moves up and down making the distances between the differentials change as the car moves. I know the drive shafts are splined so this makes sense.

Only thing is, I have never seen them kinda "float" like this before...its almost like I am coming up against the "c clips" on the splines and the play stops...

the total movement is probably between 1/16" and 1/8"....everything else is clean and tight! grease, boots in great shape, ect......

thanks for any advice or perspective