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Help needed - Interior bits went bad and other issues

Howdy, I just got an E93 and I noticed some interior issues. I went to the BMW dealership and they didn't really have any advice and couldn't locate the parts in question on their database to replace them so I'm in need of help from the community to solve my problems

1. The nav screen is scratched up. The scratches are just enough to feel with a fingernail but barely. Could anyone recommend a type of plastic polish that might clear it out for me? I don't want to make it worse by using the wrong product/method.

2. The driver's door handle is peeling and I'd like to replace or fix just the damaged area. The dealership thinks I can only replace the entire armrest and it would be in the 1000's and there's no way I'm doing that. On my Subaru I replaced the same part and it was $15 and took 10 minutes so I'm hoping it's not too big of a deal on the BMW.

3. The weather stripping bits in between the front and rear have come loose and I'm missing one of the screws that holds it in and all the grommets(female pieces) that are what are inside the panel and which the screws plug into. I was hoping it was a simple cheap fix but I guess if all else fails there is super glue