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Originally Posted by woodpecka View Post
more info:
-When I use the BMW cable, nothing happen.
-When I use the ipod std cable, I got an Ipod icon with a wrong cable msg.

So, the radio looks coded for Ipod but can use it when installed. I'm trying to found a know working cable and doing the test. Maybe my cable is broken.
Or, my coding is wrong to use the ipod connection.

I would like to get your 2RAD 2URAD MAN files to compare the codes.
So the problem there is that 90% of people can't code their 2RAD or 2URAD, which means we can't pull .MAN files to give you for comparison

But an easy test in the mean time is - load a USB thumb drive up with a couple of .mp3 or .mp4 files and plug it in. If you can browse them on the headunit, you've got a messed up Y cable but your coding is all set.

I'd try two thumb drives before you conclude that the coding is the problem - the 6FL can be pretty picky about which drives it likes. They definitely need to be formatted fat32 as well.