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Originally Posted by woodpecka View Post
Thank you for you reply.

USB work fine! I can browse by all types my USB key, play and controlling my music.

So if USB works, IPOD should works with the same setup?
YEP! Your Y cable must just be dead and/or counterfeit and/or fake. For the record, this is the cable I purchased and it works as expected:

I will say this: the Y cables can be pretty finicky. Fiddle around with it a while before you go and spend more money on a new one. For example, plug it in, play some music on the ipod/phone, open the music app if it's the phone, switch which app is playing music, etc etc. The handshake from the phone to the cable electronics to the MULF to the headunit has a bunch of stages and can very easily get fouled up, it's not uncommon for me to plug my phone in and start playing music from some app with the headunit thinking it's in AUX mode, only to have it cut out, switch to radio a few seconds later, and require me to switch back to what is now recognized as ipod mode.

Congratulations on successfully coding everything, at least!