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Finally got my car fixed and got a BMW Performance Exhaust installed but...

So after my car got rear-ended by a car was taken to the BMW Collision Center to get repaired. The repair took nearly 7 1/2 weeks because the main impact of the collision was to the exhaust which shifted a bunch of suspension components, damaged the mid pipe, downpipe and shifted the turbos. After talking to the person in charge of my car he was able to get me a BMW Performance exhaust instead of the stock exhaust.

The Exhaust sounds amazing on cold start and on deceleration when it just burgles and pops. The note of the exhaust itself when acceleration gradually, sadly sounds like a riced out fart can (a lot of buzzing sound)...i did alot of research prior to getting this exhaust and have heard nothing but great things about the sound and tone. What could be the cause of this? Do you guys think maybe it takes awhile for it to break in? (Driving about 200 miles so far) Perhaps the clamps aren't tightened enough? Im pretty much stumped, because i would assume the install was done right since BMW did install it.