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I'm not sure but for some reason I was thinking that all E92s had a sport steering wheel, regardless of having a sport package or not. You can tell for sure by looking at your airbag cover. If it's sort of round then it's a sport wheel. If it's triangular then it's just a standard wheel.

If you have a sports wheel already then you can easily upgrade to an Mtech or M3 wheel. They're both very nice and are fairly common to find used in the classifieds. You can do the swap as a DIY but disabling the airbag is involved, so if you're nervous most dealers would charge an hour or so worth of labor (approx $100 - $125) to do the work. I upgraded to the Mtech wheel in my e90 and LOVE it! I bought mine from Tischer BMW online (they're generally excellent in all regards).

If your airbag is triangular and you have a standard wheel it gets a bit trickier. You can get an Mtech or M3 wheel but to do that you'd also have to get a new airbag which can be pricey. You can find the airbags second hand but that can take some time and there is always risk with that. Another option is to get a "built up" wheel where a standard or sport wheel is modified to be the same size and shape as an Mtech or M3 wheel. The guy on the link below can make a wheel that fits a standard airbag.!

I think alot of people on the forum have used him and really like the result. You can search out posts for him (look for Alex or Helix). I think he may also do depot swaps where he just sends you one he already has made in exchange for yours. He is also an option even if you have a sports wheel too. Might be worth exploring.

Hope that helps some!