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Focal K2 on 335i

So i wanted to get an audio upgrade on my 09 E92 L7 for a long time now. There 3 option out there that work for bmw that i know of. First on the list is MusicarNW (3.9k w/o install), Bavarian stage1 with sub (1.6k w/o install). Then there the local shop suggested Focal K2 and asking for 2.8k with install. So i spend some time demo it. Well.... i know i don't have audiophile ear. But the sound quality as far as i can tell are slightly better than the junk speaker bmw gave us. The tech then assure me that it gonna sound much better when it install in the car. Should i buy it? Have anyone here have heard or have this setup in their car, how was it?

Focal K2 Power 100KRS (4mid-4tweeter)
JL Audio XD700/5
JL Audio CS112RG-W3v3
JL Audio CL441dsp CleanSweep

PS: I will keep this post update/ review when i do the upgrade.