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Gas question???

I was just wondering how much gas do you keept in the tank. Me, i fill up every time i get to half full, so half full or half a tank to me is empty. I can count on 1 hand the number of times that i have went past half and even less times that i have went past a quarter tank. So i just wanted to know what every ones was driving around with in their gas tank.

Jason, my reasoning is that if I want to go some where I do not want to have to stop and get gas first to get their. And it is better for your gas pump, having to suck in all of the junk that lies at the bottom of your gas tank, that can clog up your filters and what not. Just MHO.

Or if I am late for a tee time, like many of my friends, I don't want to have to go get gas first and miss my tee time

Sorry guys but I only put fuel in my tank 2X a month and my count shows that i have driven avg 235 miles each time.

? For those of you who run it to empty or until the light comes on, how many time a month do u go to the gas station?

so tell me why if you go to any repair shop that has take off a fuel tank they will tell you about all the grit and junk found in the tank? 99% of the repair place will tell you this!

So if their is nothing no junk in the gas tank tell me why do we have to have a fuel filter why not just run gas straight to the engine?

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