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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
1" tweeter.. 4" door and by what you've said.. 8" underseats. That way you'll not really need any subs in the back and it should sound very good in the end.

Focal 100KRS are very good but some may say the tweeters sound quite harsh. I also found that too but only after listening to what others had in their car.. all this can ofcourse be altered from your HU and/or the processor. They're excellent speakers otherwise and get a tonne of good reviews :-) They come as 2 x 1" tweeters, 2 x Crossovers and 2 x 4" door speakers which fits directly in the same place as the OEM door spkrs however, you'll need some adaptors / rings whatever they're called to fit too as these aftermarket speakers have 3 mounting holes and the OEM ones have 4 mounting holes .. so you'll need the adaptors/rings to put in place.. again fairly cheap.. think these are the ones..

You'll need to also buy tweeter pods to house the tweeters, directly from BMW which cost no more than 25 for both inc VAT. Give me a call tell em the REG of your car - job done

sweet nice one cheers dude now i no what sizes to get i can start looking for what i want to go for

what are you gona do get a processor or change ur hu? whats best to do?

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