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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
The ATS will fail. It is a question that nobody asked, a car with no consumers.

It feels cramped, has a Cruze+ interior, its 2.0T has so-so efficiency (19mpg city in manual) and too priced.

Recipe for failure. Like the Regal. What was GM thinking?

The Holden Commodore (aka G8, Caprice) should have revived as a SS-something.
I'm sorry, but I think it is a question many people have asked. For one, I've asked the question. I've been waiting for a manufacturer to offer a car with BMW handling at 90% of the price of a BMW (and I'd live with 90% of the handling). Cadillac offers the ATS priced right and with better chassis performance. The way I want my version of an ATS optioned; it's perfect. An ATS 2.0T with a sunroof and manual transmission (it actually cost less than the base 2.0L MSRP) gets you the performance stuff that the F30 328i doesn't offer: LSD, and Brembos, in a chassis that handles, steers, and brakes better than the F30 all for $5K less than a 328i Sport Line. The only disappointing thing is you can't get the HIDs without adding a stupid $4K package, but neither does BMW now on the F30.