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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I'm sorry, but I think it is a question many people have asked. For one, I've asked the question. I've been waiting for a manufacturer to offer a car with BMW handling at 90% of the price of a BMW (and I'd live with 90% of the handling). Cadillac offers the ATS priced right and with better chassis performance. The way I want my version of an ATS optioned; it's perfect. An ATS 2.0T with a sunroof and manual transmission (it actually cost less than the base 2.0L MSRP) gets you the performance stuff that the F30 328i doesn't offer: LSD, and Brembos, in a chassis that handles, steers, and brakes better than the F30 all for $5K less than a 328i Sport Line. The only disappointing thing is you can't get the HIDs without adding a stupid $4K package, but neither does BMW now on the F30.
The 328i 2013 has a 900$ lighting package available.

At best 5000$ is not a significant difference. 328i will recoup a good chunk of of it at resale. I did the pricing too with a manual, sunroof and optional sport pack and I don't see 5000$. At 42500$, the 328i was reasonable, IMO.

ATS 2.0T manual 's 19mpg in city is not very good. It is saved because it runs on regular gas.

At least Caddy seems aggressive on the lease rates.