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Total loss, best way to get top dollar?

I am looking for some input on what is the best way to haggle with my insurance company to get the best price for my car. I have never had to do this before so I am not sure of the process.

Some of you might have seen my previous thread about my accident and whether it was a total loss or not. Turns out it was over $28K in damage, so its a goner.

The car is an 08' E92 6MT with 31K miles. It is literally in perfect condition with no paint chips, scratches, dents and the interior looks brand new. No rash on any of the wheels. Nothing I can think of to mark down the price.

Has the sport package, M3 rear lip spoiler, Bluetooth, and 6FL option. The car is also still under the extended factory warranty for another 40K miles and 3 years.

Nada says retail is about $27K in excellent condition and says retail is about $30K, and I have seen a large range in FS ads from $24K to $30K.

What should I expect to get out of my insurance? Is a realistic number in the $27K+ range and how should I talk them up to that assuming they come back with a much lower offer?