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Originally Posted by D25mn View Post
Magnetic ride does not translate automatically to better handling, braking performance can be hindered by weight not just simply because it has factory brembos. Staggered wheels are not really a performance enhancers, most of the time this is for looks. The LSD is pretty much the only thing. When you opt for the V6 you end with automatic only, the cadillac auto isn't the same as DCT or DSG.
Wait, what? MRC FE3 suspension in the ATS is absolutely a performance feature and DOES translate to better handling. Brembo brakes DO decrease stopping distance and fade and are without a doubt a performance feature. What weight are you talking about? This car is roughly 3,500 lbs when equipped with the auto and 3.6 V6, one of the lightest sedans in this class. The LSD is also a performance feature that you will not find in any F30 outside of the upcoming M. While staggered set up does not provide a huge benefit, it does increase traction. Only downside is the lack of a 6 speed manual in the 6 cylinder model. As far as the DCT/DSG goes, yes they shift a bit more quicker than a modern steptronic but real world difference is smaller then you may think and the maintenance is a nightmare.