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That's a totally bullshit thesis in this context. The thing that sets BMW apart is the widespread favoring of complexity and careful design over simplicity and proven paradigms with reduced functionality goals. Like a battery system with three categories of power distribution intelligently switched for power management, constant measurement across 9 orders of current magnitude for the sake of usage and SOC detection, and an explosive disconnect for the one line which is unfeasable to fuse traditionally. A car that uses the parasitic optical transduction of an LED to sense the horizontal displacement of the start button rather than a simple mechanical contact which, I guess, they decided could fatigue.

On the other hand, adding an arbitrary trouble indicator which only ever appears in conjunction with another, more specific and useful indicator is a TERRIBLE GODDAMN UI DECISION. One which is explained NOWHERE IN THE MANUAL, because, I suppose, what could you really add about an indicator with no purpose, anyway?