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M sport lci front bumper damaged

Ok so I am a total muppet....after some advice please (and not too much piŁ& taking...!)

Out in the car today, parked up, didn't notice a wooden plank edging to a flower bed in the carpark. Stuck the nose in quite tight as it was a tight car park.

Back out to the car, reversed away and it felt like the handbrake was on, initially... Then a gut wrenching sound and realised what I'd done lol...!

Shot out to take a look (will add a pic in the morning) but I've pulled the underside of the bumper, the plastic engine undertray is detached and now sits below the bumper itself, bumper doesn't seem to be split (lucky) but its a bit distorted on the lower edge. Think I've bust most of the clips too.

So I think I just need to have a good look in daylight, and maybe get it to a decent bodyshop (any recommendations in the NE birmingham area)

I'm hoping it doesn't need a new bumper. If it goes to a stealer no doubt it will be a whole new engine lol...