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225 19" alloys on non-RFT Falken 452s - results after 25,000 miles

Looking back it seems quite a while since I changed to 225 19" alloys, which I originally ran on the OEM Bridgestone RFTs. After the rears exhibited very severe inner tread wear I switched to Falken 452s all around, in slightly wider 265/30/19 sizes at the rear.

This was when I first tried them (car had less than 68,000 miles then)...

This (post #13) was at around 76,000 miles...

Now the car has just tipped over 100,000 miles, and the Falkens are still going strong - I reckon I've done probably 7,000 of those miles on my winter tyres, but that still means they've lasted 25,000 miles which is not bad.

The rears are now down to 2mm, and will be changed soon, but the wear is still even across the whole tread (unlike it was with the RFTs) and I've had no issues with cracking in that time despite having travelled over some pretty patchy roads. Hardly a scientific basis for a conclusion, but I reckon it was really the RFTs that were killing these alloys.

For new rears, I might go for Falken 453s - anyone tried them? Best price? Camskill appear to be around 140 each at the slightly smaller correct 255/30/19 size.
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