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Originally Posted by garytc78 View Post
I've noticed a drop in mpg if your clearing standing water on the motorway doesn't have drop.
Oh good, I thought so too.

I'm making an extra about 350 bhp at the fly and it should be about 510ft lbs and standing water is holding me up, damn that BMW's crap!! lol

To be honest, I'm shocked at how quick it is through the paddles :O

I just hope I can find a dry day to get a nigh in definitive answer on weather I'm getting better mpg.

I should though tbh as from reading about some maps, it woukd seem that only 35 parameters are changed compared to the 65 or so that have been tweaked on mine.

I have had 3 cars mapped by Dave at R Spec Performance in Bicester, they have all been superb!!