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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
+1 to diner; just make sure to do your research on this engine & related emissions equipment before committing to your additive regimen (if any).

That Mazda is a whole different animal, partner. The problem with the newer rotories lies in the apex seals and the ignition system, promising is meant to help with the former. The engine uses the oil in between the apex seal and the rotor to seal off the "chambers" from each other. The same chamber goes from intake, to compression, to combustion, to exhaust as the rotor rotates/oscillates. It revs to 9000 rpm in no time, has basically no torque, has the most HP/L of any naturally aspirated production car engine ever(about 185hp/L), weighs less than an inline four, and is able to be placed completely behind the front axle for near-perfect yaw and weight distribution. It also has four spark plugs and no real emissions equipment other than the cat (which most guys remove or upgrade to high-flow anyway)...sounding different than your heavily computer-regulated, torquey, twin-turbo, HPCR diesel with urea injection and DPF yet?
Yessir! Sounds like my good friend SayNoToPistons. Revving to that 9100 or so is loads of fun, sounds great, so smooth and linear. And yeah he has no cat lol. It shoots flames too. So awesome. Fuel economy sucks though.