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HPFP failure in the making ??

Hey guys i'm praying it isn't a HPFP failure in the making right now because of all the horror stories I have heard from a friend who had owned a n54. But today I was driving on the BQE towards manhattan and while try to press down on the gas pedal there was no power being produced at all and the steering wheel was very hard to turn also ( keep in mind I was driving on the middle lane ). I immediately threw on my hazard light and checked to see if there was any malfunctions thats came up, but nothing. I then without any hesitation decided to turn off car and prayed that my car could have power again once I turned it back on and it did. My question is if I should be worried about this right now and do you think "this limp mode" is a pre-cursor of my HPFP failing in the near future? Also my car which I bought brand new from the dealer last year is still stock and recently has been stuttering during start ups. Any info would be great guys thank you