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Originally Posted by jimmylimmy View Post
BMW Finance will be unlikely to offer finance to you again as finance companies don't like people taking advantage of this option
This is not true either. I am financing the new Mini Countryman with BMW finance and they are fully aware the current Mini is being VT'd in a couple of weeks. Having spoken to them previously I was told that VTing a car is not necessarily a bar to further credit.

As has been said VT is a statutory right and I suspect it would be illegal for them to use this solely to deny further credit. For most finance contracts, with smallish deposits, VT occurs pretty late on in the contract period, so it's not as if people are doing it on a annual basis, for me I was able to VT at month 36 of a 48 month contract. Even though there is a paper loss for BMW finance, I have no doubt that they have still made a handsome profit on the deal overall.