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N54 using water

Ok so a few months back I started a thread asking about a potential water leak and most of the feedback pointed towards the water pump being the most likely issue. Now because the car is only leaking water very slowly I've not felt the urgency to check on it straight away. It's probably using a reservoir of water every 1500 miles or so and I've been topping it up maybe every 1000.

Anyway it's only just occurred to me that maybe the car is burning water rather than leaking it. I've noticed that the right hand exhaust more than the left tends to have more smoke. Not smoke as in clouds of white smoke, just normal really like when you turn the car on in the cold. But I do reckon the right hand side more than the left so I'd like some feedback from the guys who know more about the n54 engine and its layout to help identity if this is a sign for concern.

The car isn't running lumpy or anything and the exhausts aren't steamy or smokey after running the car to temperature. I've pondered recently whether the car is as quick as it first felt when I got it and whether water in the engine would reduce power without making the car run like shit but I've had the car 6 months and any thought of it being slower are probably down to me being completely comfortable with its delivery and also having these niggly doubts about burning water. My mates and missus still think its fast as fook so maybe it's just me.

Of course I will have the car checked for a water leak. Most likely in the new year, but is there anyway of telling now?

Oh and the car isn't getting any hotter than it used to and there isn't any yellow shit under oil cap too. I'm assuming if a head gasket were to had gone I'd properly know about it??

Put my mind at rest guys!
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