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Originally Posted by BanziBarn
Hi guys.

Quick one - the pressure on my boiler keeps going down - I presume it's a sealed system. I put more water in quite regurally so the water must be going somehwere.

Does this definately mean a leak? Nothing is coming through the ceiling so if the pipes are leaking it must be under the floor on the ground floor - if this is the case then I'd imagine that finding it would be a major job!

I know nothing about boilers but I'm hoping a sealed system has some kind of saftey outlet - perhaps this outlet is slightly open? If this is the case, where would the water go? There's no overflow pipe on the outside of my house.

Thanks in advance for any comments
Yes it is sealed. If it is leaking it tends to be joints that go first so check all the rads first. Water can seep out the valves and runs down the pipe so is not obvious. Also is there inhibitor in the water as if not you get corrosion inside the rads and this gives off gas which loses pressure. Check the bleed valves on the top of the rads as well.