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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
The engine would have been working harder having to push the car through the standing water which causes the resistance ,resulting in the engine using more fuel.

Tell me,and yes this is a serious question,did you buy the 335D for it's performance,and are now surprised by it's efficiency,or was it for some other reason?

Did you have the car mapped for the performance gains,or was it for the added fuel efficiency?

Lastly,being based in Hants,did you go to DMS for the remap?
I bought the 335d because I wanted the performance and economy, there is very little out there that can match it that still drives that well IMO.

The reason for my post in the first place was in respect of what others had writern about the cars poor economy.

Yes, I do live in Hampshire but I often travel to Banbury / Leamington area and my local mapper is Dave at R Spec Performance in Bicester.

This is my third car to be mapped by Dave and I'm always impressed.