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Originally Posted by Frobius View Post
Spose so. As mentioned above though, being in negative equity leads you to VT so you can get a new car. As soon as you take the keys, you're going to be in negative equity. Have you considered that what you're really paying for is the depreciation on all these cars?

To be fair, I think unless you put down a hefty deposit, you're pretty likely to be in negative with a car for the first few years of the agreement. In fact, not till you get pretty close to the end will you start balancing out unless as I said, you put down a big deposit or are paying loads a month.
That's right. I'm not saying its the sole fact of negative equity that's making me change, it's the fact we want to change and the car happens to still be in negative equity. I'd happily pay the depreciation of a car if its one we need, like and use. Sadly that's not the case at the moment.