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Wheel mess up

So my friend was not very smart one day cleaning his car and grabbed a bottle of what he thought was wheel cleaner, but it ended up being clear coat spray. On top of that, he said he let "it soak in" so that the brake dust would come off easy when all he did was let it dry good. He now has wheels that are permanently dirty. He took his car over yesterday so we could see what we could do. Never Dull metal polish works, but it's incredibly time consuming. I got one spoke done in like 30 mins. Wanted to see what other ideas people had here on products or if the wheels are easier to just get resprayed or something.
What we tried:
Never Dull metal polish
Mothers wheel polish
rubbing compound with DA polisher
Mother's ball with the products listed above.
Mineral spirits( was getting frustrated at that point)

Here are the pics:!206!205