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Originally Posted by woodpecka View Post
more info:
-When I use the BMW cable, nothing happen.
-When I use the ipod std cable, I got an Ipod icon with a wrong cable msg.

So, the radio looks coded for Ipod but can use it when installed. I'm trying to found a know working cable and doing the test. Maybe my cable is broken.
Or, my coding is wrong to use the ipod connection.

I would like to get your 2RAD 2URAD MAN files to compare the codes.

There is NO special codes for IPOD. It is the same than USB, so if USB is working properly, your problem is the Y-cable.

Remember that there are two Y-wires for BMW.
One is for cars with COMBOX integration and the other one is for others cars.
Buy the suitable for you and try it again.

The right reference is:

I have not tried it. The only thing I have tested is the same than you, plug my ipod to the usb with the iPod cable and see 'Use a proper cable for iPod' at the HU screen.

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!