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Originally Posted by cb224 View Post
Where's the valve gasket located? Have the same problem....when I turn on the heating/cooling. Comes and goes. Very irritating.
take a look at the pic here, this is passenger side of engine

note the oil / grime around the star shaped bolt heads. Those bolts connect valve cover to gasket / head. If you remove the engine cover you can get a better idea of where the valve cover and gasket is located.

I'm leaking a small amount and occasionally drops fall onto the exhaust (as noted by a prev poster here). Stinks quite a bit and sometimes the smoke comes smoldering through the hood. Seems to happen more when my car is ramped, or on a hill, or if I do wide open throttle driving.

From what I've read this symptom can also appear from leaking oil filter housing and sometimes from a sloppy fill during an oil change. In my case, I'm pretty sure it's the gasket and plan to have a shop fix it (not cheap) or DIY it.