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Originally Posted by lbernielu View Post
Since you have some M3 front suspension parts, you may want to check out the factory M3 suspension specifications with respect to toe, front and rear. Many experienced track drivers Claim to run 0 front toe and minimum rear. The factory 335 specifications contribute greatly to tire wear, particularly with increased camber, and provide more stability than is necessary. I personally run minimum factory toe front and rear, and am pleased with having more responsive turn-in, without any perceived degradation in straight line stability at normal freeway speeds and more.
Thanks, I actually changed the specs for my alignment to an M3 for comparison before I finished. The M3s run 10' of toe both front and rear, compared to 18'/14' on the 335i. So a good amount less toe-in on the front axle.

I probably will change to the M3 toe spec in the future. The only reason I didn't on Friday was that I was short on time and the rear axle was already dialed-in from my prior alignment. You're right, though -- too much toe-in will cause wear on the outside shoulders. I just didn't like how little front camber the car had. With the M3 arms, it's now almost identical to my E46 330ci.

And yeah, I actually run almost zero front toe on my C6 Corvette. I didn't notice any stability issues at all on that car, and tire wear has been great. That car is more of a weekend toy, so I went more aggressive on the alignment.