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Originally Posted by Jake@PTF View Post
I just picked up a second one. I sold my coupe to get into a 2010 msport sedan.

The new sedan has big plans. I just swapped the rear end out from a 3.08 open diff to a 3.46 final drive with Quaife. The final drive made the world of a difference. The 6mt gearing is actually more aggressive (slightly) than the auto gears so with the 3.46 final drive my gearing is slightly more aggressive than the auto. I just got the car and have been waiting for my admissions notice so that I can put all the parts sitting at the shop on.

I will be shooting for mid 11s full weight on Hoosiers and 11.7-11.8 on street tires full weight. My local customers 135i that I street tuned went 11.76 @ 120.7 on street tires and I plan on getting close to it with all the extra weight my sedan has compared to the the 135i (still on street tires).

When you are ready for a tune or some help with mods shoot me a message JHERSHORIN@PROTUNINGFREAKS.COM
Sounds like its going to be a fun car.Are you planning on sticking with the factory twins? Good luck on school, I'm working on getting another degree as well. I havent touched my 335i yet but it's tempting to fire up the tig and crank out some parts. I wish I could just order the head flanges for this car cause I have weld els and a divided t4 flange and I think the car would be a lot of fun with a 6466. It would also be nasty with a ts hta82/86