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Double din unit install with factory fit bluetooth phone prep

I am currently contemplating the idea of fitting a Pioneer Navigation double din unit to replace the stock Professional HU in my E92. I've done some research and found that Pioneer is the best to go for and am aware of the possible complications and the possible ways around all but one. The steering controls can be sorted with a Pioneer patch lead e.t.c and the PDC / warning gongs will still work if I fit the Connects2 adaptor.

I have done some research on the potential future coding issues faced by removing the factory fit HU and understand there are two solutions to this - either retrofitting the original HU in the boot or have the car re-coded to remove the HU from the order (which apparently makes the car code-able, even an aftermarket HU.

However, my car has factory fitted hands free Bluetooth phone prep. I'm not so worried about the phone mount aspect but would like to retrain my factory fit Bluetooth to work with the Pioneer unit I intend to buy. Is this possible?

Most of the fascia plates to accommodate a double din protrude out from the heater controls or just look pure tack. I intend on getting one custom made to fit and look OEM.