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Originally Posted by darkw1sh View Post
One other thing, in LA cops dont really use Lasers, or they only use them when your all alone on the freeway, we have way to many lazy cops, and they do not like to point and shoot, they just have their Ka band on and look for big numbers
I've had a V1 since late 2009 and upgraded it in July of this year. I can recommend it. I use it for road trips only. There's a learning curve. You have to learn how to interpret it which takes time. But I have seen my V1 pick up speed traps from beyond visual distance more times than I can count. Since the upgrade (traffic monitor filter which really works) and turning off X band, my falses have gone way down. When it does go off I slow down to a "safe" speed until I determine there is no threat.

I haven't seen too many speed traps on major freeways in LA. I think the cops assume you aren't going to be going very fast due to sht traffic (true except late at night). It's generally known that the "tolerance" level in LA is about 80.

The one time I got busted the CHP paced me from behind on I-10. With the dark ass tints my E39 came with I could not see him, and my V1 was silent. That one was my fault - it was Labor Day. They were out looking for drunks (big $$$). CHP wasn't an arsehole to me (I wasn't drunk) but I still got the ticket (they just write "80" as your speed even though you were going faster if you don't antagonize the cop). Did the stupid traffic school scam thing.

I've only seen laser being used in one place: On the North slope of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, there is a local motorcycle cop that hides, literally in driveways, and pops the drivers coming down the hill. I don't think any laser detector would help here. But I spotted him long ago and always haul my E92 down to indicated 40 once the road straightens out. I swear I can see a look on his face like "that's a fast BMW why is the guy going the speed limit".

I was wondering how he can get away with doing that in people's driveways. I think it's because his bike is on the sidewalk which is city property.

BTW, if you think laser radar (LIDAR) guns suck, you have GEICO to thank for funding their development and giving them free of charge to police to write tickets so they can raise insurance rates on the victims. Don't give GEICO your money.

Originally Posted by DanielGonz View Post
V1 saved me 2 nights ago.... Got the guy I was pacing with instead of me since I backed off after my V1 started going nuts. 1 month in and it already payed for itself.
That's a perfect image to show the V1 at work. When you get a alert that strong (see the row of LED's) you slow the hell down NOW. Let the other poor bastard pay the "selective highway users tax".

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