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Originally Posted by D's Bimmer
The reason I mentioned HRE is because they have launched a more cost effective flow form option than their forged wheels. But they have priced these flow formed wheels way out of the flow form market. Have already dropped their MSRP price once. But you already know all this don't you.

You make such a valuable contribution to this forum. Why don't you actually offer something to the conversation? You imply it.
I do know exactly what line your talking about as we'll as the price drop. But you pay for the years of quality and experience they have in the business no matter what they are a great wheel and very well made compared to alot of others out there. Don't get me wrong forgestar and apex are good for the price but they are not HRE. And you would be suprised how many people I help in this forum as I get pms daily for help with wheels and fitment. And as you probably already know I like to throw a jab here and there to make this place interesting I guess you could say. But please go ahead and continue contributing to the community with your well thought out posts.