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Originally Posted by overkill1125 View Post
Thanks for the info.
Does it make any difference with the older version coils and the newer version?

If I'm going to get new plugs and coils, should I stick with the older version or just go ahead and get the newest version. Just want to make sure it will be compatible.

E90325i and E90328i are not quite the same I believe. Same engine but I believe its tuned differently or something since the HP are not the same.
If you read the thread I posted above, you would have seen reports of slightly improved power with the newer 11S plug.

I would imagine a greater improvement with updated coils and plugs, but probably not worth the cost of replacing all the coils just for that. Coils will eventually need to be replaced, if you intend to keep the car for a longer time, it may be worth replacing them all in one go (it's been reported that when one goes at around the expected time ~100k miles, others tend to follow), and pay the premium for the updated part. Otherwise, replacing them one at a time with the regular part to keep consistency, makes sense.

The 325 and 328 engines are almost identical, if you go to the RealOEM page for your car, you'll see the 328 coil is a valid option for your engine. RMEuropean carries both, and there's a $16 difference.