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Originally Posted by Das_Stig
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Saw a video from dipyourcar and apparently if you let it cure a week or so it'll be very durable, they even sprayed directly against it with a pressure washer and nothing happened. I'm thinking about doing a clear matte, looks like you can achieve those BMW frozen colors with the matte clear. (Might be easier for me to do that than DIY clear bra)
Ya saw that video too, wasnt sure how much faith to have as they pro and trying to sell the stuff. Seemed comforting though
Yeah, if I plan to do it I'm likely going to do spray can as I don't have anywhere to store the paint gun and what not, hope it doesn't come out looking like shit. (Going to do matte clear as I do like those frozen colors and also don't know how it would work if I were to get pulled over and the car is a different color)