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Generic LED Angel Eyes Review (Lots of pics)

So since I just bought my car, had christmas shopping to do, and just started a new job, I really didn't want to drop $100+ on a AE upgrade. So I decided to try out some generic Amazon bulbs.

The bulbs look just like a lot of the other ones and were only $40 shipped with amazon fulfillment (which I needed to use to return the first pair b/c they were blue).

This is what they look like out of the box:

Overall, I can't complain about them. I was just aiming for a color change and not really a brightness change, which is what I accomplished. I haven't really got a chance to look at them in the afternoon, but in bright daylight you can't really see them.

I apologize in advance, my phone camera will only focus on one side of the picture at a time. Also, all the pics are at night so all you can see are the lights and not the car.

I will upload more/new pics after Christmas when I get my Canon Rebel T3.

EDIT: Here is a gallery of new daytime pics, I made an album so I wouldn't have to post each picture individually.

Here are some pics during the install:

Just wanted to show you the difference you can get just by spending a little, although Idk how long these will last.

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