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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
I think, and I may be wrong that the condensing part isn't connected to having a combi or not.

Condensing was the new 'thing' which made boilers more efficient and all are now condensing. Whether you go for a combi or not, it's till condensing.

Combi is convenient because you only heat the water you need, and you can get rid of your tank (useful in my case as I'm having a loft conversion). Plus you have an endless supply of hot water.

But, if two people want a shower at the same time, a combi won't be as good as it may not be able to heat enough water.

Please correct me if I'm wrong... which I probably am!!
It's a long time since I've looked into the benefits of a condensing boiler,but I think it's now the case,as Banzi stated, that all boilers regardless of type are condensing.

Banzi's pointed out the benefits of instant hot water from a combi,+ not having to have a water tank in the loft/elsewhere,but the biggest pitfall of Combi's,as Banzi also pointed out is that that when using other things that place demand on the water,be it hot or cold,someone in the shower will lose the pressure from the shower head,and get fecking cold!

I suppose if you have the normal family 2 adults +2.5 children (what the feck is the .5?Never understood that),and you all do things first thing in the morning (the norm),it's annoying when the water pressure in the shower disappears in the middle of washing your hair,shampoo in the eyes is fecking painful!

So,in some cases,a Combi is not always the best option.

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