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Thanks to a few of you for the recent interest in this build thread & re-igniting it.
Work on theCar hadn't stopped, but i had grown a bit tired of the look of my own typing so was keeping recent mods quiet, also with the miserable weather i havent managed to go out and get any photos which i felt do the recent mods justice and have thought to myself i will just look forward to next show season. I will try and catch up a bit now though while i'm off for christmas

So to pick up where I left off, i suppose next up was the M3 style front wings.

From even before I found and bought the car i was looking for an e92 with the intention of heavy cosmetic modding. I do love the car in standard form and while I don't particularly like attention, don't consider myself showy or ostentatious and i'm definitely not the type to crawl around at 5mph with the windows down, i do like walking back to my car parked up or looking at it in the morning on the drive and seeing something that looks like my own and not generic.

I also don't intend for this car be a complete M3 rep, and originally didn't plan for quite so many OEM look parts to go on, instead i was hoping for a tasteful but more aggressive aftermarket look knowing that vorsteiner, ericsson, arkym, prior design and plenty of other great brands are making unique looking parts for the non-M cars as well as the M3. What i stupidly didn't realise is that in buying an LCI i was going to be limiting myself to less than 20% of the styling parts available. My original hopes for Vorsteiner bumpers and amuse-ericsson rear end were dashed in favour of, well.. what i could get.

My first attempt came in the form of some Schmeidmann FRP front wings. As you can see from the photos below the quality and fit were disgustingly bad, at the time i was shocked because i thought that such a well known, well distributed and advertised brand would provide an at least decent product, but after a lot of research which i probably should have done beforehand, (calling stockists, you wont find much not online) I found that the quality was utter shit and the fitment leaves much to be desired, or rather much money to be spent to try and correct:

I lost a lot of car fund paying for the test fit of these wings back in June and so they came off, original ones went back on and it wasn't until October-ish that i was able to have another go. Thankfully i eventually got refunded and I managed to source a quite cheap set of PP plastic / duraflex wings from Taiwan advertised as guaranteed to fit LCI which i took a punt on, and actually the quality exceptionally good, they also arrived very well packaged in a wooden crate.

These went on with perfect fit, no trimming or reshaping needed. I decided to use OEM M3 indicators and grilles instead of the ones provided so i had to get an auto electrician to rewire my car to the correct voltage for the LED indicators to work.

I now just need to get those M3 badges out of the intakes and replace them with something, i had originally planned to try and make a custom badge but after weeks of not knowing what to put in them and thinking it would be a bit pretentious i am just going to have a bash at wrapping them shadowline or carbon to match the other trim.

I actually love this mod, it's one i thought wouldn't go down too well on here for some reason, but for me the front wings are a more interesting and noticeable feature than the front bumper or skirts which seem to be the most popular first mod, so it's one i knew i was always going to have to do.