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What you need Banzi,is your own personal wet room with it's own small Combi,which just provides water to the the shower,and it's own water supply direct from the mains, bliss!

Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
Regarding the max flow rate of the combi boiler - I guess I would need to check as to whether my mains pressure is up to max that the boiler can cope with - if not, perhaps a pump could bridge the gap?
Yep,finding out what the mains pressure is coming into the house would be useful,but I don't think a pump would make much difference.
It can only pump what's available to pump,so if the mains pressure is 8bar,adding a pump wouldn't make more water available,or would it?

I'm starting to dfift out of my knowledge base here,when that happens,I tend to talk bollocks,so feel free to ignore me.

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