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Carbon Build Up Stats Thread

Model year - 2011
335d or X5d - 335d
Mileage - 8K+
Mpg (Please use the figure found in your BMW) - 30.1
Avg speed (Please use the figure found in your BMW) - 34+
Brand of fuel (cetane rating if known) - The cheapest I can find.
On a scale of 1 to 5 how hard do you drive? (1 meaning: I baby my car, 5 meaning: I drive like I am being chased by Cops.) - mostly 2-3, but I make it a practice to goose it at least once or twice per trip, either from 0-60 or from 60-100 where possible.
Highway/City Mix - Whatever it says below in my Fuelly signature block.

Carbon build up issue yes or no? Who knows, but I have been warned.

Additional Info: I use a modest amount of cetane booster/injector cleaner after each fill up. I had the EGR recall a few months ago. Did not notice any change in MPG directly related to the recall, but I can say that my MPG has been gradually improving over time even as cold weather has set in. Perhaps I am learning how to drive it in a smoother way.
Quaife LSD w/VAC finned diff cover, M3 Rear SF Bushings, M3 sways & M3 OEM Susp Front/Rear Cmpnt Kits ('cept strut brace), GC Caster/Camber Plates, AC Schnitzer M3 Sport Springs, JRZ RS1 dampers, JBD 100%, Goodrich SS brake lines, non-stggrd APEX ARC-8 18" wheels with Nitto Motivo tires (winter OEM 17" wheels and Blizzak LM-25).

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