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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Mak I thought the L7 mids were rated at 70w RMS at 4 ohms?
It is 40W as per TIS. And hence you keep the gains at minimum on XD 400/4 when using L7 mids.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Using an old school 2 channel phoenix gold amp for the subs. But i am lacking the kick a normal sub gives you.
Are you using XD 400/4 pre-out to phoenix, so XD 400/4 is also converting your differential signals to normal signals?

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
I have been reading around the IB sub through ski hole and seeing Mob17 thread a few weeks back has given me ideas. Was talking about this with my cousin the other day and he has suggested 2 x 8" subs through the ski hole in a sealed box.

However after reading Kaigoss reply in one of the threads on the main audio saying he has tried various types of subs/enclosure combination but IB through ski hole preference. This has made me think to experiment down this route
I am not expert but my findings are very similar to Kaigoss and I am speaking from the experience gained by my first IB installation in 1997. My findings are on my thread. You may get some ideas, though follow the sky hatch route.

Re: 8 inch subs in to a sealed box and putting it in front of ski may work. There is no harm in experimenting it if you already have 2 X 8 inch subs sitting at your place.

However if you plan to buy a sub, I would suggest to go for minimum 12 inch sub and you do not have to spend mega money to do it. A sub in 50 range with correct specs should do the job.