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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
It is 40W as per TIS. And hence you keep the gains at minimum on XD 400/4 when using L7 mids.

Ahh I thought they were rated at 70 W RMS but the gains are already very low now

Are you using XD 400/4 pre-out to phoenix, so XD 400/4 is also converting your differential signals to normal signals?

Yes, I read in the manual it coverts it to a normal signal but the PG amp wont stay in too long as it is quite old and tends to overheat (think the fan is on its way out) but I thought I would try a bit of experimenting plus its not secured down properly. My plan is to keep everything hidden away but due to the size of the PG it wont go under the boot carpet.

I am not expert but my findings are very similar to Kaigoss and I am speaking from the experience gained by my first IB installation in 1997. My findings are on my thread. You may get some ideas, though follow the sky hatch route.

Re: 8 inch subs in to a sealed box and putting it in front of ski may work. There is no harm in experimenting it if you already have 2 X 8 inch subs sitting at your place.

However if you plan to buy a sub, I would suggest to go for minimum 12 inch sub and you do not have to spend mega money to do it. A sub in 50 range with correct specs should do the job.

I will have a look at your link when I get back to my laptop. I only have a old 12" JL audio W3v2 spare which I could possibly use to experiment with. I need to research a bit more regarding box/IB construction as this is quite new to me

EDIT - I have read that link, what is your IB setup at the moment?

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