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High Oil Consumption - Turbo Replaced

Been thinking that my 330D was consuming a little too much oil, trouble with my communiting style recently it's been months between warnings, but very few miles actually completed as the car sits at the airport carpark more than it is driven.

Anyway last time it happened, rang up local dealer and asked for what is acceptable for oil consumption on the car. Not quite a straight answer "but anything more than a litre every 1000 miles and we should have a look at it..."

So made a note of the mileage and filled the car to max on the dipstick, anyway I only did about a 1,000 miles before the warning light came back on, way in excess of a litre / 1000 miles.

So booked the car in, within 30 minutes, confirmation that there was excessive wear in the turbo and a replacement was required. Turbo duely ordered and fitted next day.

Not had a chance to check the oil consumption - but what a difference in economy, over 47mpg on the run back home, which was about 75 miles of clear motorway, 25 miles of slower motorway and then 23 miles of A roads - plus a car that pulls stronger than ever.

Oh by the way - turbo replaced under Extended BMW warranty that expires in 4 weeks time