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E90 330i Project

So I started modding the 330i, got my Porsche and a company car, so this is really the family wagon, so there was compromise with various parts, and I still have some yet to do.

So far, full respray with conversion to m sport bumpers, with carbon rear diffuser, then Koni str t suspension kit, along with style 95's, rear windows tinted, not sure yet but I think it may be too dark.

Anyway, did all that and then it's rained everyday since, so no photos yet but I will get some taken and get them up ASAP.

What I do have pics of though is the custom exhaust I had made up, first up props to Dave at Southampton tyres and exhaust (power flow dealer), I knew what I wanted and despite it not being straight forward he built exactly what I wanted!

I wanted non rolled tips, and not too much noise, so they fitted a small back box in rather than completely deleting it as I've seen some other people do, all worked out really well, it makes a lovely noise when on the pedal and not much louder than usual when cruising

As soon as it stops raining and I get time to clean her up I will post pics, and before anyone says dark lines, I know they will be ordered ( from ) as soon as Christmas is done!