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Originally Posted by CarFan View Post
Whatever you do get the upgraded stereo. In the broad scheme of things unless you are a DIYer who can do a stereo upgrade yourself, this is one area that's worth 950 just for piece of mind.
Is it that much better? I never had issues with the stock one, but if its a big upgrade...

Originally Posted by Lankster View Post
IMO I like alpine white better than mineral, very clean looking
Thanks, I'm pretty torn ATM!

Originally Posted by Lankster View Post
That being said, if we are talking about money wise, I would just get an M3 without nav... it will only be 3k more than your current quote... and its an M3... but thats just my bang for the buck side talking
No it's not. It's about 5k more expensive and about 9k note if comparably equipped. And I like the screen, don't care so much about nav.

Also, I had an m3 and like the n54 motor more for dd. I also think the m3 with 6mt is very difficult to drive smoothly especially compared to the 335is.

I enjoy modding and will add m3 subframe bushings and m3 front sway which will help being the car a lot closer to the m3 solid feeling. Among a couple basic power adders and stuff for the track.

Originally Posted by Matts335coupe View Post
Get Coral red. Nothing then white with coral red IMO. That's what I ordered lol
Hmm the red is nice but a touch too bold for me I think!

Aw and red is the best combo for red imo