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Question AFR Imbalance (Bank 1/2) - Bad Injector? Logs Attached

Wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this.

Bank 1 AFR tends to be richer during transients. Cylinder 3 plug had some black soot, was wet, and smelled like gasoline. No codes. Plugs and coils have <10K miles on them. Intake valves cleaned a couple of weeks ago. Car has 65K miles.

Thanks to Joshboody, jdbretz, dzenno, and themyst for all the help with diagnosing these issues.

We are thinking it's a leaky or defective cylinder 3 injector. Any chance it could be the O2 sensors?

Note: these are not WOT logs. The car was idling and I just jabbed the accelerator for a second or two to bring the RPMs up to ~3K and then let off.

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