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100% e85 cold starts

I just wanted to get some input from people running 100% e85 in their tank and their cold morning start ups.

Today mine was a headache, last night I filled up the whole tank with e85 and this morning I started the car it was 42 degrees outside and the cold start was as expected very choppy, but extra choppy today. After I let the car warm up I drove out of my complex to the street, I shifted from first to second, then second to third, and once I gave it a hint of gas in third, the whole engine shut down and the limp mode light came on. I coasted to the side of the road, started the car, it glugged out again, I started it one more time, gave it some gas and it started up fine. The car drove normally except whenever I went to downshift and rev match, when I blipped the throttle I could hear a slight misfire and the revs wouldn't climb as fast as they normally do. I scanned the car for codes and got two, both of which I couldn't find posted anywhere. One was 6963 and was in German but had engine and malfunction associated with it, and the other was a high pressure pump code which I can't remember the actual code right now. Cleared codes, drove to chevron filled up with 1 gal of 91, drove the car a mile or two, rev matched and the revs were normal now no misfire, did some hard pulls on the highway and the car did not hiccup once and ran very strong.

Could it be I may have gotten some crummy e85 from the pump? Is anyone else seeing symptoms similar to this?

thanks to MGallop