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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
ALWAYS data log & confirm that there are no significant timing corrections & that the car is properly hitting the boost targets. Not only octane is equivalent (even 91 from Shell can be different from 91 at Sunoco), so always data log when you wanna run a performance setting just to make sure the car is happy.

Using the forums are more complicated. There's a video on COBB's website on how to install the AP on a BMW (it's for the N54, but the process is the same).
Thank you Benzy, yes I'll definitely datalog if I run the Aggressive map with the CA 91 octane we have here. Since our 91 octane is generally deemed to be the lowest quality (apparently higher ethanol content and detergents) versus most other areas of the country, I'd like to also hear from Rob/Jason about any other thoughts they may have on the subject. The Sport map appears to be only a smaller incremental upgrade to the stock map from a power/torque perspective although per earlier comments on the thread from them say they are also working to improve the tip-in throttle response for us ZF auto tranny people. That'll be a great improvement to the driveability of the car as well.